Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yoga Hyde Review

I love yoga. I really do. You wouldn't think so by how little I have done it in the last year but it really is such a great workout. I also love yoga clothes! I really think that a good yoga outfit compliments all of your lines while you do your workout and leaves you feeling supported. Another criteria I look for in yoga clothes is how the clothing feels. If it is soft and whether or not I have to fidget with it throughout my workout.

Yoga Hyde makes clothing that meets all of that and more. Their yoga clothing is comfortable but not baggy. They were so nice to send me two items from their site. The v top in bliss and the divine drawstring pants in charcoal.

Founder anne-kerr kennedy mentions on her site:
"necessity is the mother of invention:" hyde was born out of the need for natural, comfortable, yoga clothes that were stylish, fit well but still affordable. like many of my yogi friends, i wanted clothes that were as considered and thoughtful as my practice. i saw an opportunity to make graceful gear my business. "

Yoga Hyde clothing is art to me. I love the simple but functional designs that they have as well as the color options. I know that when I workout (I'm getting better about it!) that I want to feel confident in what I am wearing. Yoga Hyde's clothing really makes you feel good about your body. I also like the length of the pants. I was a little nervous when I ordered a small because all companies have their own idea of what a small is. The small is perfect for me and I even washed the pants and dried them and there was no shrinking! If you are looking for a comfortable and fashionable line of workout clothes than Yoga Hyde is the place to go. To view the entire collection visit

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  1. I live in yoga pants! They are so comfortable, and not to mention they're extremely flattering for the bottom and legs. My Favorite brand is with out a doubt Tea Party from Their styles and colors are endless! Shipping is quick and world wide!


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