Friday, September 11, 2009

Shapely Secrets Review

I used to be a workout queen. That was up until I had kids and since then I have not made it a priority at all. I have made feeling guilty about it a priority though! So when I was asked to review Shapely Secrets I was excited. Shapely Secrets is not your typical form of exercise. It is a series of workouts that uses a method called Diametric Resistance. Basically it is motionless exercise. You work out by tightening your muscles. It's your muscles working against each other.

All you have to do with this program is pop in the dvd and for 7 minutes and follow along to a series of tightening exercises. These were sooooo easy that I wasn't left feeling discouraged. At the same time I could feel my muscles working hard. I haven't noticed a huge difference in my overall physical appearance since using Shapely Secrets but I have noticed an overall tightness and an increased awareness of my posture. I would recommend Shapely Secrets to anyone who is looking to get back into exercise who hasn't been doing it for awhile, someone who is injured and needs a non impact exercise, or for anyone who is short on time to fit working out into their busy lives. To learn more about Shapely Secrets visit


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