Sunday, September 13, 2009

TI-Nspire Review

I am taking a math class this semester and I need a really good calculator. I need the works! Texas instruments sent me their TI-Nspire. This calculator does it all. I know that it will see me through many more math classes. Here are some features from the website:
View multiple representations of a problem on a single screen
Grab a graphed function and move it to see the effect
"Link" representations: Manipulate the properties of one and observe instant updates to others without switching screens
Create, save and review work in electronic documents, like a computer
Activate the handheld's Press-to-Test feature to block access to certain geometry features not allowed on state exams
Experience identical functions on the handheld and TI-Nspire Computer Software (Windows© or Mac©). Your students can use the software independently or in tandem with the handheld for work in and out of class
Project a full interactive handheld alongside a large handheld screen to demonstrate concepts to your class usingTI-Nspire Computer Software - Teacher Edition

I am still learning to use the calculator (it does so much!) and luckily they sent me a TI-Nspire For Dummies to figure it all out! The TI-Nspire is #1 Brand Recommended by teachers and is also accepted on the SAT and ACT's AND comes with SAT and ACT test prep for free!
This calculator is going to last me for years to come in my classes. To learn more about it and all of the other Texas Instrument products visit Texas Instruments.


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