Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting Your Kids to Eat Healthy At School

So far I have been lucky with school food. My boys are in a program where they receive breakfast and lunch free and they really try to encourage healthy eating. There is always fruit served too. My boys even went on a field trip to a farm and were able to pick corn and then eat it for lunch!

I do know though that it can be a struggle to get your children to eat healthy at school. One idea that I have heard is that some schools have a no trading policy. That means no children are allowed to swap food in their lunches. I thought that was a great idea. Another idea could be to make lunches fun. Write notes to your child, put their food in cool containers, and even let them pick out some food at the grocery store so they can be more excited about eating healthy and it also allows them so choice.

Eating right at school is an important factor in helping kids to be successful in school. Too often kids equate healthy with cooties, something to be avoided at school in favor of the vending machine. Their food decisions can directly impact their performance at school and its important to raise awareness about the health and performance connection.

This week MomLogic Nutrition Expert, Haylie Pomroy will be writing about influencing how kids think about healthy eating and the choices kids can make about the foods they eat.

How do you ensure your kids are eating healthy at school. What are some of your kids favorite snacks?

Momlogic’s nutrition expert, Haylie Pomroy will be answering reader questions about nutrition. You are welcome to submit your questions to her and she will post answers starting the week of September 14th. Users can submit questions to


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