Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gamewright Game Review

Games are important to me. As much as I put off playing them with my boys, they are such a great way to connect with them. They love when I stop what I am doing and just spend a little one on one time with them. That is why I am really impressed with Gamewright games. They have a really large selection of unique games that are perfect for all ages. Gamewright sent me the Can You See What I See game. First of all my boys love the book series. There are always treasures to be found.

This game is so much fun! I love that no reading is required which means less work and more fun. It is educational which is a must for me. It also is a small box. Can you guess how much I love that? I have so many big game boxes fall on my head when we search for what to play. It is also a Dr. Toy's Best Product Award Winner so it must be good!

Gamewright's site is very fun and organized so that you can search the games by age and find exactly what you are looking for. To find a game for you and your family visit Gamewright.

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  1. My daughter also likes the Can You See What I See? books. She loves looking for the little yellow and red man in the pictures. We have had some great times, racing to see who can find an object first, she is pretty good and has won many times.


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