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Get Sleek Hair – Which Method is Best for You?

Ceramic Hair Straighteners

Get Sleek Hair – Which Method is Best for You?

There is more than one way to get silky smooth hair, some more permanent than others. Before you jump both feet into the water, keep your head on straight and figure out what the best hair straighteners are for you and your hair.

Listen here ladies. Even a chemical straightening is not permanent and, truth be told, it can be very harsh on your tresses – especially over a long period. Chemical hair straighteners must be reapplied every few weeks to new hair growth. Because chemical hair straighteners are so harsh, they should only be applied to very curly, unmanageably course hair. If you don’t have this kind of hair, you should seriously consider a ceramic hair straightener.

Ceramic hair straighteners are the modern-day equivalent of conventional flat irons, but while they still use heat to straighten your hair, they do not fry your hair like the old metal plates used to. Among best hair straighteners is the CHI hair straightener and BaByliss hair straightener – not only because they have ceramic hair straighteners among their models, but for the price they are best in quality and, quite frankly, they won’t break.

Hair Straighteners

Skimping on Price Will Cost You in the Long Run.

If you opted on hair straighteners, you might be tempted to go in to your local drug store and pick up a cheap one with metal or ceramic-coated plates. Resist the urge. Ladies, those seemingly economical proxies will cost you in the long run. Not only do these drug store jips overheat, have hot spots (which will burn your hair), snag your hair and take forever to warm up, they are only meant to last for a short period and will break quickly.

CHI hair straighteners

Are Ceramic Straighteners Really Worth It?

One of the reasons ceramic plates are so much better than metal plates is that ceramic plates are so much smoother. Their glassy smoothness provides a slippery surface for your hair to glide over. Translation: no snags, pulls or breakage. Furthermore, ceramic plates heat up very quickly (most in less than 10 seconds) and heat evenly, negating hot spots where your hair can catch and burn.

CHI hair straighteners and BaByliss hair straighteners are great brands and both lines have ceramic hair straighteners. Their finer lines also both have the added benefit of using ionic technology. That means that they use negative ions to alter water molecules that sit on your hair, so instead of burning your hair straight, they lock the moisture into your hair, giving it a luscious, healthy glow while getting it super straight.

CHI hair straighteners will cost you anywhere in the neighborhood of $100 and up, while a BaByliss hair straightener starts at a much lower price of around $30 (keep in mind, these lower priced models do not always have ceramic plates). In the end, you will have to decide how much your pocketbook can handle, and what your tresses can afford.


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