Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Product and Lil Product Review

The very last step that I do when I have styled my hair is to use hair product on the tips and ends to add a little more definition to my hair. Most products that I have tried leave my hair feeling greasy and end up blending in with my hair so it doesn't look styled for very long. There is a product that I recently have been using and it is awesome. The name of the product is ....product! Isn't that clever. I wanted to try it because it is organic pomade with plant-derived ingredients.

I really love how my hair is now longer greasy with it. It is safe on all hair types and provides really healthy shine.

Another product that product sells :) is pomade for children. Lil Product is perfect for the little stylist in your family. It can be used on boys and girls and is just as natural and great as the other product. My older son loves me using it on him before preschool every morning. He looks like such a stud with it in his hair!

PRODUCT is a unique styling aid that works well with all hair types and lengths. PRODUCT’s formula is 100% pure and natural, made from organic and plant-derived ingredients. PRODUCT contains absolutely no harsh chemicals, synthetics, or parabens.

I recommend these products to anyone wanting natural ingredients in their hair with results that last. To purchase products visit thenameisproduct.com.


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