Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1 Year Blog Anniversary!

My how time flies. I just realized that last week was my 1 year anniversary! I'm going to sound like every other blog out there but it's so true when I say that I just started my blog to stay connected with family and friends who are so far away from me. I used it to post about our family life and mostly to stay sane while my husband was gone for training for 4 long lonely depressing months!

Now it has become all about reviews and giveaways. Some may think that I have gone all commercial and your right I have. This blog has been an incredible blessing for me. Don't get me wrong, I work my little tail feather off but has really helped our family out. My husband has been laid off for quite some time ( feels like forever) and that means no extra spending for us- at all. I have been able to get my children clothes, snacks, meals, and shoes that I would have no way been able to get. They haven't noticed a change in our finances which leaves my mind at ease. I really feel like the big guy upstairs has blessed me with this opportunity and I am very thankful for that and for all of you who are reading this. No company would want to work with me without you. I have some typical blogging goals for the next year that I won't bore you with but I hope to continually grow and provide the best products for you. Ok enough sappiness-peace!


  1. A year flies by! Keep up the great blogging and please keep bringing us your wonderful reviews! Just send those PR reps my way, will you?...LOL


  2. Happy 1 year! You and your blog are awesome and I love you lots! (((HUGS)))

  3. Congrats Ashley, you have a fabulous, fun blog to be proud of!


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