Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland On DVD Today!

Yeah! Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland releases today (9/8). My boys are huge Mickey Mouse fans so I am super mom for getting the great chance to do this review! This movie is one of our new favorites. I love the new spin on this old classic. The colors are so vibrant and I how they include education to get your little one to learn something without them knowing it

Get ready for an all-new fairy-tale adventure when Mickey
Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Adventures in Wonderland comes to Disney DVD on
September 8, 2009. Inspired by Disney’s remarkable classic, Alice in Wonderland, the movie features all-new animation, original songs and interactive bonus feature.
Mickey, Donald and the entire Clubhouse gang embark on their most majestic journey yet as they enter a wondrous world where they encounter Tweedle Chip, Tweedle Dale and Goofy Hatter; play croquet with Queen Clarabelle and more. During their fascinating adventure, they navigate giant mazes and solve mysterious riddles on their hunt for Daisy’s birthday present, a lost cuckoo bird, while racing time to get back to the Clubhouse in time for Daisy’s surprise birthday party.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Adventures in Wonderland includes an additional
bonus episode, “Goofy Goes Goofy” and features interactive Adventure Modes with two levels of difficulty using the remote control. Adventure 1, perfect for kids ages 2-3, answers fun questions about colors, shapes and sizes, as the story moves along. Adventure 2, appropriate for kids ages 4-5, is a slightly more difficult level with challenging questions using memory, logic and telling time.

*Bonus episode – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse“Goofy Goes Goofy”: Goofy accidentally gets
soaked with the Professor’s latest experimental goo – and he splits into six Goofys! It’s up to Mickey and friends to help out with the Goofys until the effects wear off

This show is perfect for any Mickey Mouse fan and is a wonderful addition to the family collection! Here is one of my favorite clips:


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