Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Karma Organic Spa Review

Karma Organic Spa located in Ridgewood, New Jersey isn't just a spa. They offer great organic products. My friend had told me about their non-toxic nail products and I knew I had to contact them for a review. Thankfully they said yes! I have a problem after I paint my nails. If anyone has seen my feet I really procrastinate when it comes to taking my polish off. I just hate using nail polish remover. The fumes and the chemicals on my skin freak me out and give me a headache.

So when I received the Organic Nail Polish Remover with Soybean Oil & Lavender and one of their nail polishes I became a new woman. The polish is great because it goes on and works just like regular nail polish. The nail polish remover however is sooooo fabuloso. There were no fumes, it took my polish off right away, and it smells great.

Here is some info about the nail polish remover:

Karma is one of the first in the US to have this Polish Remover available. It is an organic mixture Soy remover:* 100% Biodegradable* 100 % Soy and Corn based* Non-toxic* Non-carcinogenic* Free of any Petroleum Ingredients* Derived from Farm Crops which in turn supports american farming* Packaged in 100% recyclable glass bottles* Comes in Lavendar, Tea Tree, or Unscented

The nail polish also comes in a large variety of colors that are all so pretty. Karma Organic Spa has a lot to offer. To check out all of their products and services visit Karma Organic Spa.

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  1. Another procrastinator? I seem to have the same problem, it started after I became a mom. I hate being around my girls with the fumes from the polish and the remover. Then as Aiyana got older, every time she sees polish, she wants me to paint her nails too. So, I wait to do my nails when they are in bed, but end up knocking out on the couch from being completely exhausted. My nails end up having to wait yet another day.


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