Monday, September 14, 2009

Little Einstein's Fire Truck Rocket's Blastoff

We are big Little Einstein's fans in our house. We love all of the classical music and art and of course the missions! Well Little Einstein's is back again with a new DVD! Fire Truck Rocket's Blast Off. This DVD was released on Sept. 8th. This DVD is full of fun as they travel all over for important missions. We love the never before seen episode where Rocket turns into a Firetruck. What kid doesn't like firetrucks? The graphics and colors were of course great and we love any show that can educate us on such a wide range of subjects!
Join the Little Einsteins as they embark on
four rescue-themed adventures in LITTLE EINSTEINS: FIRE TRUCK
ROCKET’S BLAST OFF premiering on Disney DVD September 8, 2009. In this
latest installment of fascinating adventures that includes a never-before-seen
episode and the Magic Mission viewing mode, the Little Einsteins set out on
rescue missions that take place in all corners of the world.
In never-before-seen episode Fire Truck Rocket, it’s Rocket’s latest
transformation: Fire Truck Rocket. The Einsteins rush to rescue an adorable
monkey from an erupting volcano on the tropical island of Java. They will need
all of Rocket’s rescue gadgets including his rescue Spreader (jaws of life), rescue
Ladder and rescue Hose to cool down the rumbling volcano.
Other episodes include Melody the Music Pet which features the Little Einsteins
in France, watching animals board the special train that takes pets to their new
homes. One particular cuddly creature stands out – Melody, the Music Pet.
However, Melody can’t find her golden ticket for the train. Leo and team promise
to help Melody find her missing ticket, and the mission takes them over Monet’s
famous painting of lily pads, through the French countryside and to the top of the
Eiffel Tower in Paris.

In Carmine’s Big Race, the Little Einsteins are in Monaco at a grand prix to
cheer for Quincy’s friend Carmine, the music car. The other cars don’t think
Carmine has what it takes to win the race, but with the help of the Einsteins, he
just might take home the Grand Prix trophy. The team explores the Patagonia
region of South America in Mr. Penguin’s Ice Cream Adventure. When an ice
cream train being driven by Mr. Penguin to his best friend’s birthday party breaks
down, Rocket transforms himself into a train to pull the big load of ice cream.
Afterwards, the team must dig past a huge rock, put a musical bridge back
together and chug over the Andes Mountains.
The Magic Mission Viewing Mode let viewers use their remote to answer fun
questions about colors, shapes and sizes.


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