Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beyond Quilts Etsy Shop Review

Beyond Quilts is another fun Etsy shop that I just adore. They have unique quilts that are not your average quilt. They are fun and colorful and so beautiful! They are especially fun for kids. Check out this I Spy blanket above.

I received an adorable Doll Blanket and pillow perfect for any little girl and her doll to snuggle up to. It is really well made ( no thread unravelling which always seems to happen to me) and super fun fabric and is so soft!

Everything in Beyond Quilts is super affordable with cheaper shipping. She also has beautiful table runners. To view all of the beautiful items at Beyond Quilts click here.

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  1. that is really cute! you always get all these cool things!!!!!!!!!!
    how do you get started doing what you do???

    email me!


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