Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What We Have Been Up To

So Cody has been working ALOT lately and we never see him but he is dieting and working out when he can and has lost a ton of weight! I'm so proud of him. When he's home we work out together and it's a lot of fun to motivate each other.

I have been painting the house whenever I have some spare time. It has been very theraputic for me! I also have been pulling weeds in our garden (they never end) and I can do it for hours at a time. I have learned quite a few skills since we moved here since Cody has been gone so much. Here is what I can do- 1) Mow the lawn 2)Use a weed eater (even though mine started to smoke- it wasn't my fault) 3)Plant and maintain a garden 3)Kill bugs all by myself (with bug spray and the boys do love to help) and suck them up with the dustbuster 4)Paint a house 5)Sew 6) Bake bread (thanks to my mom getting me a bread machine) 7) Go grocery shopping with two toddlers without Cody 8) Scrapbook 9) Make a 72 hour kit and start food storage 10) Suck transmission fluid out of the car (Cody didn't even know where the fluid is but I did and I didn't need to check the manual) 11) Start a blog - my very dear and awesome friend MyKelle helped me sooooooooo much- thank you girl!

Anyways here are some pics of the garden, it has grown a lot since the pics were taken but it has only been a couple of days. We have corn, squash, zucchini, pumpkin, I think cucumber, and cilantro!

Just Getting Started

I am just starting to figure out how to do a blog so bare with me! I am new to this and there are a lot of kinks for me figure out. I am so excited to be doing this though. I feel like people can stay updated more with us when life gets busy. I can't promise that I will be supermom and be updating constantly but enough so you won't forget about us! Stay tuned for more!
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