Wednesday, September 2, 2009

HerCut Review

I don't know why this idea hasn't been thought of before. Hair products that are specifically made for your particular hair cut. It makes sense to me! Every hair cut has different styling needs. HerCut is a new line of hair products that allows you to choose your own system of products just for you! Since I have longer layered hair I was sent the Normal-Dry Shampoo, the Medium Conditioner, and the Long Layers Catalyst. Now the shampoo and conditioner are awesome and I love them but my favorite product is the Catalyst. It is what makes my hair do what I want. After styling my hair with it it is so much more manageable and really soft.

The site is easy to use- just pick your hair type and you will be shown what is best for you. The products are also Sulfate and Paraban free so that is always a bonus!

To find which products are best for your hair type visit HerCut.


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