Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bobbi Brown and Lauren Bush Announce Feed 10 Pouch

Here is some info about a great cause through Bobbi Brown cosmetics:

The basics that you and I may
take for granted are luxuries for so
many women who just want to be
able to work and stand on their
own two feet.” –Bobbi Brown

“FEED is proud to partner with
Bobbi Brown on the FEED 10
pouch. The FEED/Bobbi Brown
collaboration is an easy way for
women here to support women
in developing nations around
the world.” –Lauren Bush

When you buy the FEED10 pouch, you provide ten disadvantaged women and
their families with food and job training through the United Nations World Food
Progam. In partnership with FEED, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has filled this canvas
bag, crafted out of sustainable materials using fair trade labor, with three of her
favorite Lip Gloss shades: Petal, Rose Sugar and Aubergine.

The World Food Program is an incredible organization that recognizes and answers
the dire need among disadvantaged women for the most basic of necessity in life—
food. With the purchase of this bag, you are joining us in a single, kind gesture that
will help a woman in need gain her independence and self-esteem and empower her
to change her life and that of her family members.

1 in 6 people around the world live in extreme poverty, 70% of them are female.
Women are generally the last to eat a meal—after their husband and children—and
suffer most from hunger and malnutrition.

WFP’s Food for Work Program enables women to thrive by offering muchneeded
job training and work—and providing food in exchange. This simple
exchange allows women to break the poverty cycle by alleviating their daily
struggle to secure food for themselves and their families. In return, they are
able to invest time and energy in learning new job skills that are important
for a sustainable future and hope for their children, their families, and
their communities.
The FEED 10 pouch will be available in October at Bloomingdale’s.


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