Monday, September 28, 2009

Confessions of A Completely Insane Mother Review

Every mom needs a good laugh from time to time. I loved reading Confessions of A Completely Insane Mother by Kersten Campbell. It is full of short little stories of insane and hilarious moments of motherhood that so many of us can relate to.

I keep my copy in the car with me and read it when waiting to pick the boys up from school or if I get to one of my classes early. It always puts me in a good mood! I even laughed out loud a couple of times. It is especially encouraging to see a mother get through the challenging times with a sense of humor instead of being stressed out all of the time.

From her site:

Overwhelmed? Stressed? Discouraged? You need the laughter therapy that is in this book! Hey…it’s better for you than the five pounds of chocolate you were about to devour…
Discover the power of laughter, perspective, and love when you read how one family works
together to overcome their laughable daily problems such as a church bag that hasn’t been cleaned since 1970, thousands of pens disappearing for no reason, and a dog that escapes into the neighbor’s house and begs for chicken.

With subjects ranging from zucchini crime to selling rocks to the neighbors, this book is sure to
win the hearts of mothers and grandmothers everywhere.

These humor essays are designed to lift you as a mother and make you laugh and enjoy the ups
and downs of your divine calling. You will find comfort in knowing that nobody is perfect and that’s okay. We all struggle with similar issues and problems. Caution: Eating and drinking while reading this book could be hazardous to your outfit. Get ready to laugh and love your job as a mother.
To learn more about Kersten Campbell and her book visit her site at


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