Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Holly Yashi Review

Oh my land! Holly Yashi has really spoiled me! First of all their jewelry is stunning. The designs are not like anything I have ever seen before. Second, it is all handmade. That is so rare to find these days! The pieces I received are amazing and well put together. I have had several compliments on this jewelry. Look at all the beautiful pieces they sent me.

Gypsy Bloom Necklace

Adriana Earrings

Shoreline Necklace

Ava Earrings

I love wearing my new jewelry to church. They are so dressy but I especially love wearing them with my t-shirt and jeans. They can look good with any clothing. Holly Yashi also has Bridal Jewelry. I wish I had known about Holly Yashi for my wedding day- the pieces are so beautiful! Holly Yashi also allows you to register your jewelry. What piece of mind. Here is a great video on the history of Holly Yashi.

In this short video, Paul and Holly share a few words about the history of their partnership and the craft behind Holly Yashi jewelry. Designed and handcrafted in Arcata, California, a small town nestled between the Redwood forest and the ruggedly beautiful Pacific coastline, this video explores the sources of inspiration from which Holly Yashi's unique designs emerge. Learn more about the rare metal niobium and how its unusual properties have driven the innovation at Holly Yashi for three decades.

Holly & Paul: 30 Years of Jewelry as Art from Holly Yashi on Vimeo.

To view all the beautiful collections visit hollyyashi.com.


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