Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pinup Girl Kit Review

I have been bored with my hair lately. It has been so blah! Sometimes a mom just wants to feel classy. So I contacted Rsession Tools to try out their Pinup Girl Kit. This kit has everything I need to make my hair super cute. The Pinup Kit comes with

2 Duckbill Clips
2 Flat Pins
2 Snaps
8 Small U-Pins
8 Large U-Pins
12 Bobby Pins
12 Mini Bobby Pins
1 Hair Bun
2 Bungees
25 Snag-Free Elastics
1 Styling Brush
2 Headbands
All of this will help you to make the above hair do's. It comes in black, blonde and brunette. I have been having fun making the bun on my hair. This is no ordinary bun. It makes a natural but stylish updo. I love putting up when I am running behind and when I don't feel like washing my hair. To get your own kit visit

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  1. Lucky you! I'm bored with mine too, but I am ALWAYS bored with mine and bad about trying new things. =)


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