Monday, September 28, 2009

Curious Chef Review

I have a hard time letting my toddlers help me in the kitchen with cooking and baking. It just is so much work. So many messes and extra ingredients added to the recipe when I am not looking that I really try to avoid it whenever possible. I know so bad of me! Recently however I received some great kitchen utensils made just for kids from Curious Chef that has been changing my mind.

We received a large assortment of utensils to get my kids motivated for cooking and keep them busy too! The boys favorite at the moment is the pizza cutter. You would think that would be too dangerous for a child to use but not with Curious Chef! The pizza cutter is plastic and completely safe. They love me serving them their slice of pizza and then cutting it themselves.

Another favorite from the set is the 6 Piece Cookie Gift Set. It has everything we need to make yummy cookies. We made sugar cookies with our set which comes with adorable cookie cutters, stickers, and of course a child sized rolling pin! I made the cookie dough while they were at preschool and when they got home we went to work with our creations. It was such a fun after school activity.

I also appreciated how the utensils were so easy for my boys to hold and maneuver. The spatula is just their size to help me mix and scrape and the measuring cups help them to have a good grip as they pour. Now I am a little more eager for them to help me out! To view Curious Chef's entire line of products visit


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