Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Making the Grocery Store A Fun & Nutritional Endeavor

Getting your kids to eat right is of course important, but so is knowing how to shop. I have read before that if you take your child to the grocery store with you and have them pick out the healthy items they will be more willing to eat it.

I know that with my toddlers it can be a challenge just even taking them to the store with me. The times that I do have them help me I make sure to stick to my list and not get easily swayed when they want extra items. We always start in the produce section and my oldest is really good about helping pick out fruits and vegetables. His favorite is asparagus and I always know that gets him started. Then I ask what next? Then he usually is willing to throw any fruit or vegetable in the cart!

I also try to explain to them why we are not buying certain items. For example they always want of course, sugary cereal. I let them know that the cartoon character might look fun and cookies might sound like a well balanced breakfast but that our bodies can't have all that sugar. I haven't had a melt down yet!

Lastly, I always make sure not to be too strict with not buying any treats. I always get at least one yummy snack. Otherwise I would be going through withdrawals as much as them!

How do you navigate the grocery store with your kids?
Don't forget: Momlogic’s nutrition expert, Haylie Pomroy is answering questions about nutrition. Send her your questions to She will post answers starting this week.

Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros. to share about healthy eating habits.


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