Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jyze Fit Review

A friend of mine told me about this great workout tool she was using to tone her arms. She was telling how fun it was and I knew I had to get one. Doesn't it look so cool? It's called the Jyze and it is a great arm work out that you can use while you are walking or standing or sitting!

Here is a little info from their site:
Jyze, a new exercise device, helps people burn as much as three times more calories as they walk with the same effort and in the same timeframe as jogging or other aerobic workouts.
By grasping the adjustable handles and pulling to keep the Jyze disk spinning, people can experience different levels of resistance benefiting upper body muscles. When added to existing walking-type exercises (walking, treadmill, cycles, etc.) you will experience:
Jyze burns more calories. When you add Jyze to an existing workout, you’ll engage your upper body and burn more calories. JyzeFit studies show people can burn three times more calories.
Jyze gets your heart rate up. Add Jyze to your next walk and you’ll get the aerobic exercise equivalent of jogging, swimming, or cross-country skiing without the joint and body stress and fatigue. Can’t walk? Try Jyze sitting, laying, or just standing. Jyze can bring a walking heart rate (80-110 beats per minute [BPM]) to an aerobic heart rate (117-153 BPM) for an average 40 year old.
Jyze tones your upper body and core. Jyze will improve your posture and back and shoulder strength. During a 6-week JyzeFit field trial, 17 women lost at least one inch around their upper arms.
Jyze works for you. Change bands or go faster to move from 3 to 70 pounds of resistance and more. Lengthen or shorten the rope to fit your range of motion.
Jyze goes where you go. With its lightweight design, Jyze travels with you for anytime, anywhere workouts. Less fatigue at the end of the day.

Jyze is really great for those that need more upper arm strength as well as if you have had an injury in your shoulders, elbows, or arms. You can even click here and receive Physical Therapy workouts. So far I have only used mine sitting down. Tomorrow morning I am going to get off of my bum before class and go walking with it. I will be using the 30 Minute a day, 5 days a week workout. Yeah!
To purchase the Jyze and see all of the great workouts visit Jyzefit.com.


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