Monday, April 7, 2008

About Me

I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful boys who are 11 months apart. They are toddlers right now. My husband and I have been married for over 5 years now . While I love my family some days I am ready to pull my hair out and find blogging a great escape.

I am going back to school to be a nurse. I am a convert and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I find strength and peace in my faith and if you have a question about what I believe in- feel free to ask (as long as you are nice about it:)!

I enjoy sharing anything that I think others would be interested in and love to review products and host giveaways. I also love blogging because I get to meet some amazing women! I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to leave me a comment or ask me any questions! My email is daisy_collections at yahoo dot com.


  1. Dear Ashley,
    You don't know who I am but I am a student of your mom, Ms.Hooker! I like your blog!! Have a blessing year!

  2. Dear Ashley,

    I read with great interest your blog about Soy Spacasso.
    Do you have someone that proofreads your script or is it just supposed to be "as is"?
    There were grammer, spelling and punctuation mistakes that reflect on your education. I am sure you are very intelligent, but your education was evidently lacking.
    If you are interested in someone proofreading your work before it hits publication, let me know.

  3. Hi Ashley
    I found your blog through Modern Molly Mormon (being a contributing writer I love to nose through the links Jia puts up!) and I think this is such a cool place to hang around!

    On my blog I recommend 5/6 sites per month, if its ok with you i'd love to add you to my, recommended June links.

    Now to carry on browsing through....!


  4. I just found your blog while surfing other fun "tip" blogs. I love everything from the blog design to your info. Who designed your blog? Also...just happens that we are both Mormons, small world!
    Keep the tips coming,

  5. Hey, Ashley--Watch out! That person who wants to "help" you with your proofreading spelled "grammar" incorrectly. LOL

  6. Found your review on Young Living very helpful. What a cute page! I found you on a Google search for Young Living products. Congrats on not being far down in the pack,,page 5 or so.

    Best Wishes!!

    Ginger Mobile, AL

  7. Hi
    I wanted to thank you for all the giveaways. I was just curious if you e-mailed the winners because it doesn't say and I have not been able to find a winners list for most contests.
    Thanks again


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