Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wataah! Challenge

One of the most important things that we tend to forget about when our kids go back to school (and us grownups who are going back to school too!) is staying hydrated. I started my first day of school and already forgot my water bottle. I have been so busy that now I have a headache and I just know it is because I am dehydrated. With our busy lives and after school sports and activities we can forget to drink enough water.
I was so excited to have taken the Wataah! Challenge. The challenge encourages you to get the sugary drinks out of your house. We always make sure the boys have enough water ( they actually let us know all the time when they are thirsty) but my husband and I tend to forget about ourselves. This challenge was good for us. We were sent 4 bottles of Wataah! and pounded them! Each one has different benefits. The water is just water but with vitamins added. The water tastes so fresh -especially right out of the fridge- and tastes much cleaner than the generic bottled kind that we have been buying at the store. So I ask all of my readers to take the Wataah Challenge- drink more water! Get rid of all the sugary drinks and stay hydrated! Don't forget your kids who will have more energy and and be more alert for school!


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