Monday, August 24, 2009

SleepyWrap Review

The Sleepy Wrap is the ultimate in baby wearing. Sleepy Wraps have just the right balance of cotton material with elasticity. Made from 95% French Terry cotton and 5 % spandex, they provide the ultimate comfort for you and your baby.

There are so many ways to carry your baby in a Sleepy Wrap- the Sleepy Tie, the Classic Love Your Baby Hold, the Upright Newborn/ Infant Hold, and the Hammock Hold. Something I didn't know about Sleepy Wraps is that you can even use them to carry twins! The Sleepy Wrap has been known to hold up to 45lbs! Here are some great benefits to carrying your baby in a Sleepy Wrap:

creates confident parents -there's no better feeling than when your baby is calm and content because you have met all her needs

allows you to safely move about with your baby regardless of terrain- you can stroll down uneven sidewalks, narrow lanes, walk up stairs, or climb mountains

is convenient- there is no awkwardness like when carrying a heavy plastic car seat with one arm!

enables better communication between you and your baby - (without your baby having to cry!) as you become attuned to her facial expressions and other gestures

provides security-access to food, warmth, and love

is good for your soul -it encourages you to get out and get some exercise and some fresh air into your lungs

makes discreet nursing possible-without having to find a place to sit

helps you to interact with your other children and hold your baby close at the same time- very

practical if you have other little ones

allows you to decide who may touch or interact with your baby

aids digestion- the constant motion and the upright position eases acid reflux and colic

allows you to go places, together!- you can go anywhere and feel secure.

Carried babies-

learn more- not overstimulated, but calm and alert, which is the optimum state for nervous system development

become independent faster- when your baby feels loved and cared for then they are confident and trust that you will be there to meet their needs

regulate their own physical responses -better motor skills, coordination, and sense of balance from observing you and listening to you

are calmer - when you are close to your baby and can quickly respond to all of her needs there is no reason to be cranky!

cry less -less stress hormones from crying means your baby is happier and more peaceful
get a better view of the world- babies pushed in strollers or in car seats only get to see the adult world at knee-level

sleep better -babies fall asleep quicker and sleep for longer periods of time

Your baby will feel loved and secure. You will feel confident and free.

I received the Sleepy Wrap in Red and love mine! I can't wait to start using it one of these days! There are several color options as well as The Organic Sleepy Wrap.

To see all of the great color options and to purchase your own Sleepy Wrap, please visit

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  1. I have their page bookmarked... I love this wrap, and if we have another, I am definitely getting one!


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