Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cruising Shelves by DesignElefante Review

If you are looking for a functional and decorative item for your child or baby's room you have to check out Cruising Shelves by DesignElefante. They are these awesome shelves that come in bright, cheerful colors and can hold quite a bit of weight as well as toys!

"Designed and built in Minneapolis, MN, this product is the brainchild of a parent who observed his child using book shelves as a handrail when learning how to walk. "Cruising Shelves" have a little recess for small hands to hold on to while safely navigating on two legs, and are also wide enough to hold your child's favorite toys.

Made from MDF, a highly conservative wood product that does not splinter, and painted with safe, durable, and washable latex paint. Mounting hardware provided. A level and power screwdriver are needed to install. 3" high x 4 1/2" deep x 48" long. Supports up to 50 lbs."

I love the idea of using something to decorate your room while helping your little one to move around and explore his or her's surroundings. The shelves come in a variety of colors from Blushing Pink to Violet Stone and can even come unfinished for you to paint yourself for that perfect match.

My boys received their own shelf in Raincoat Yellow. We are in the middle of repainting all the rooms in our house and I can't wait to see this hung up in their room when it is completed. It is so sturdy and has a lot of space to hold all of their favorite toys. Not to mention the perfect splash of color to brighten up their space.
Cruising Shelves can be purchased online at,, and at What Every Baby Needs and costs $65. For more info visit

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