Saturday, August 22, 2009

Healthy 2 Go Review

Being on the go all the time can really leave me feeling drained and run down. I love sugar but have been working hard to break the habit. I recently received a set of on the go drink mixes called Healthy 2 Go that are a great way to get those nutrients that you don't have time for in your day. They are easy and convenient to use. Simply open the packet and pour into your water bottle.

There are several flavors with different nutritional needs that taste great! I can even share some of them with my boys. Flavors include:

Acai Natural Energy Boost

Berrie Crush Plus

Go Greens

Green Tea Energy Fusion

Omega To Go

My boys love these- our favorite is Omega To Go- "Supports optimal brain, eye and heart health with DHA and Omega-3 and also high in antioxidants and is a good source of fiber.
Great orange dreamsicle taste and really good for your kids, too
. "

I can't wait to use these when the boys start school. I need all the help I can trying to get them out of the house each morning and tackling all of my other jobs as a mom. I also love that I can give this to my boys instead of a sugary juice and know they will be happy campers! For more info on these drink mixes visit


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