Sunday, August 30, 2009

Generation Islam Documentary

I hope some of you were able to watch the Generation Islam Documentary that aired on August 13th. I was sent a copy to review and am so glad I had the opportunity.

Christiane Amanour is a CNN correspondent who went to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Gaza to document and interview young Muslim children who are living in poverty and who are trying to escape being transformed by Muslim extremists. Watching the film broke my heart at times as I saw children struggle to be different and better than what is around them. Several children live in orphanages and have hardly any food to get by or a good place to sleep. They could join the Taliban and get a free "education" but at a high cost. I was also surprised at how many Americans who are involved and living in these areas. They are helping build schools and risking their lives everyday to keep the Taliban out.

What I took away the most from this documentary is that education is so important to these Muslim children. It is so important that they are risking their lives and health just so that they can have a future. It seems as though we really take education for granted in the United States. Skipping class and not studying- we can be so lazy! This documentary has really opened my eyes and has motivated me to try as hard as I can in school.


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