Friday, August 21, 2009

Rock Buds Review

Another great product my husband got to try out! Rock Buds are a product of Chic Buds- those super stylish earpieces for women. Now they have a men's line with super manly but stylish designs. My husband loves his new earpieces. His old pair brokeand these came at just the right time. They fit his ears so much better than his cheap pair. Cody says the sound quality is really good as well.

"These buds feature a built-in retractable device that's not only tricked out with stylish designs, but serves a functional purpose too! The retractor allows the cord length to expand and retract to 5 stopping points... shorter for use on an armband and longer to reach an iPod on a belt. (The clip prevents cords from bouncing around). This compact retractable device also prevents cords from tangling when not in use. "

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