Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Solavie Review

I have never tried a product quite like Solavie before! They are so unique. Solavie uses nature and your climate to personalize a hair and skin care line for you. Pretty cool, huh? For example, I live in the Plains so the products I use are specifically made just for the Plains region. Here is a description of the Plains line from the Solavie site:

Each of the five Plains skin/hair care products contains barrier protection, anti-irritants, anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients extracted from the plains ecosystem to soothe and prevent damage in these environments. Mineral-rich volcanic spring water from the mountains of Sun Valley boosts the effectiveness, and delivers nutrients deep into skin/hair cells.

Some more info:

"Looking at how native plants thrive despite harsh conditions in their respective environments, Solavie® Eco-Global Skin/Hair system offers a stunningly simple solution -- skin and hair care products that are formulated for your body’s reaction to environmental conditions. The company uses phytonutrients from indigenous plants in formulas developed for each of the six different Enviro-types®: Mountains, Urban, Tropics, Shore, Plains & Desert. Using Nature to nurture means that no skin or hair analysis is necessary, and traditional “typing” becomes obsolete. "

I was able to sample the Hair and Body Wash pack as well as the Hair Nourish and Style. Each set comes packaged together in one bottle which is better for the environment! I really have enjoyed using these products. The smell is very earthy and assures me I am only using natural products on my hair and body. I really love the concept of using what is around you and having something customized yo your region. It makes total sense. For more info and to purchase Solavie visit Solavie.com and discover your region! There is also free shipping on all orders right now.

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  1. have you tried and face wash and does it work?


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