Monday, August 3, 2009


WALLTAT Wall Decals is a great answer to instantly provide a design pick me up to any room.
WALLTAT Wall Decals offers hundreds of images with over 40 color options. They really have the cutest and stylish decals for any style. You can find anything from nature scenes to children's rooms to sports designs. I love the Dock View Wall Decal they sent me. It will look so great in our Master Bedroom once we are finished painting it.

"Walls, ceilings, hard wood or sealed concrete floors, furniture, smooth metal, shower enclosures, privacy windows, door surrounds, light switch surrounds, mirror decor, fan blades, cabinetry, tile, doors, plastics, refrigerators, dishwashers, toilets, etc., etc., etc..." I had no idea that you can place wall stickers in so many places. WALLTAT is makes a great gift for anyone redecorating a room or just moving into a place that needs a new look. Instead of buying a bunch of paint and accessories simply stick on your WALLTAT and you will have instant beauty!"

WALLTAT Wall Decals also offers free shipping for all US orders! To see all of the wonderful decal options visit WALLTAT Wall Decals.


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