Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Shadow Effect Review

I had the opportunity to watch a new documentary called The Shadow Effect by Debbie Ford. The Shadow Effect is unlike anything I have ever watched before. I really feel that I was able to watch it at just the right time in my life.

While I was gone on vacation I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a great chiropractor who changed my thinking on so many levels. After talking with him for awhile I began to realize that no matter what trials and experiences I have gone through- they were and are perfect. They are just what I need. I have started to see my life in a new way. He also spoke with me about how we can cause ourselves to become sick and develop illnesses. If we can have control over our emotional health than our bodies will be much healthier.

Yes I am going to tie the two together! The Shadow Effect talks about the very same things that the chiropractor did- just with different words. The Shadow Effect discusses how we all have our “shadows”. Shadows can be your past that you are trying to forget or parts of yourself that you are ashamed of. They can be eating a bunch of cookies in the middle of the night while dieting. A shadow can be screaming at your kids. It can be lying, cheating, anything negative about ourselves. The Shadow Effect talks about not being able to have good without the bad (which I am a firm believer in ) and how to embrace our shadow. When I first heard that I thought that was ridiculous. I thought of it as a bad thing. Like giving into our shadow and letting it consume us. However it is more about recognizing your faults and trying to confront them rather than push them away and hope they will get better.

I for one recognize so many of my weaknesses and everyday I struggle to overcome them. What is mentioned in The Shadow Effect is that what you find fault in others might just be what you find fault in yourself. The Shadow Effect comes in 2 DVD’s. The first is the documentary and the second is special interactive DVD that works you through a series of workshops to help you embrace your shadows and live life to the fullest.

Have you watched The Shadow Effect? What did you think of it? I honestly believe that it came at the exact time that I needed to hear it and I have learned some valuable things about myself and my “shadows”. To purchase visit here.


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