Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mayfair Lane Review

I never knew that something so small could make me so happy! I'm talking about the Happeez Clippers I received from Mayfair Lane. I received so adorable Clippers to try out to help me stay organized.

I am a paper freak. I try so hard to not have paper clutter in my home but it always gets out of control. My new Clippers are helping me manage them. The Happeez Clippers are "made with a unique backing that allow them to stick to stainless steel refrigerators, glass, mirrors, and most wood paneling." They will not scratch or leave a residue.

After using mine I am amazed how strong these Clippers are. I have some on my fridge to hold all of my paperwork- which is a lot- and on my stove as well to post my recipes that I need for the week. The greatest part is that they come in a large variety of designs. There are too many to pick a favorite! To view the entire collection and see all of the other great products from Mayfair Lane visit their site here.


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