Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Moon Video Clips

If you are a Twilight fan than I'm sure you have already seen these but just in case you live in a hole (JK!) I thought I would share these. The first one is so hilarious. The girls filming crack me up. Especially when they say "Don't do it!"
Also I have to know which is your favorite book in the Twilight series and why? I haven't quite decided but I think the first one because that is when they fall in love.


  1. I guess I live in a hole, lol :D I spent all my time watching previews of the new Potter (until I went and saw it) and now it's on to Alice in Wonderland. But this CRACKED me up! Those girls are hilarious :D

  2. Well, I must live in a hole because I haven't seen either one of those! Thanks for sharing it! I think my favorite book is the very first one.

  3. I can't help but get all girly when I see Robert Pattinson shirtless. Can't wait to see the new movie,although I feel the books are way better.Wasn't too thrilled with the first movie as it was so I'm hoping this one is better,

  4. nice! i actually haven't seen that, i must be in a hole. but it certainly made me too excited for the movie to come out now!

  5. Oh my gosh, those were awesome! I'm sooooo excited!!!


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