Thursday, July 23, 2009

Be Present Review

If I allowed myself to wear workout clothes all day everyday I would. I adore workout clothes and how comfortable they are. When be present sent me a pair of their French Terry Resort Shorts I was in heaven. They are extremely soft. I never realized the difference between shorts from Walmart and high quality fabric. I love the fit and these are now my favorite shorts to wear.

Here is a little info about be present from their site:
"be present, a clothing line carried in yoga studios, boutiques, spas and resorts throughout the United States and the World, incorporates the yoga philosophy into the design. be present began as clothing for yogis and yoga instructors, and evolved into a company rooted in the experience of yoga, but designed for those who value versatile, simple, comfortable clothing. Yoga is a centuries old eastern philosophy with contemporary devotees, and yoga clothing needed a modern look that embraced and respected the philosophy without being commercial. Our pants are designed to weather the street as much as they are designed to hit the mat. In the years since the first be present pant was introduced, our line has set the industry standard for versatile, agile and mobile yoga pants. be present has consistently been on the forefront of creativity and originality in the yoga world. As the line evolves into a company rooted in the yogic lifestyle but accessible to anyone who values high quality, fashionable and active clothing, we will continue to be a leader in innovative designs."

I really want this French Terry Skirt. It looks perfect for the summer.

The great thing about be present clothing is that it is made for working out. Their clothing is great for doing Yoga because it gives you the support and style you want while allowing you to move freely. Your skin can breathe as well with the breathable fabrics. I highly recommend be present to anyone who needs stylish, comfortable clothing for everyday purposes or to get through your workouts.

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  1. Found your blog through momblogs. I am in ND, too! Great reading!


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