Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Magical Bells Review

My boys LOVE the Polar Express. Everything Polar Express. We even listen to the soundtrack throughout the year. So when I received Santa's Classic Gift Set from Magical Bells I was so excited. It is a beautiful bell (yes I can hear it ring!) that is an exact replica of the Polar Express bell. It came in it's own velour bag and Christmas box.

I have decided to wait until Christmas and leave it under the tree for my boys. How magical will that be for them? My husband said that we should pretend that we can't hear it ring too! Magical Bells has all sorts of bell- even ones for weddings. My favorite thing about their site is that they have a free downloadable kit that has EVERYTHING you need for a Polar Express party. I am so going to have one this Christmas! Many thanks to Magical Bells for the fabulous bell.


  1. i love POLAR EXPRESS, too :)
    every time i drink hot chocolate, i think of that movie!!!!!

  2. My kids love Polar Express too!! We watch it throughout the year. We don't have the soundtrack though, so it's just the movie for us. But it is a way cute movie!
    Yes, they'll be so excited to see that under the tree on Christmas morning! Lucky ducks!


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