Sunday, July 26, 2009

Out Of the Box Sampler Review

Out of the Box Sampler is a great site that sells boxes with samples from a variety of companies. Each month is a different box full of goodies! It was so fun when I received mine. It was full of a wide variety of items. Spices, natural candles, melting scents, cookies, bath salts and so very much more. The box smelt so good and I had so many fun items that I had to share with my sister in law.

Out of the Box Sampler
is a great way to feel like you are buying alot while not spending very much. This is also a great way to have small gifts on hand when you need a last minute present . There are appoximately 15 - 16 samples in each box. The box costs $22 and shipping is included. I also think this would make a great gift to send to any gal that needs a gift. To purchase a box visit


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