Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Imagination Movers Cd Review

My boys are in love with the Imagination Movers. They love how they solve problems and think they are so cool with their musical instruments. So when this cd came in the mail they were super excited. The cd has all their favorites from the episodes on tv and they are so catchy! Today the only way I could motivate my boys to clean up their toys was to turn this cd on. Whenever the stopped cleaning I would turn the cd off and they would instantly start again.

"The Movers Rich Collins, Scott Durbin, Dave Poche, and Scott Smitty Smith formed in 2003 when a group of New Orleans friends started writing songs together and testing them out on their own kids. The bands dynamic, high-energy shows and wide-ranging pop sensibilities (with a special nod to 1980s alt rock) made them an immediate hit at the local parks and childrens museums. Not even losing homes to Hurricane Katrina (during which Smitty served as a first responder) scuttled their dreams. After signing to Disney, the Movers released their label debut Juice Box Heroes in March 2008, and are now currently working on the second season of their Playhouse Disney (Disney Channels learning-based programming block for preschoolers) show. Since its release, Juice Box Heroes has consistently ranked in the Top 10 on iTunes Childrens Music chart. National recognition includes a Parenting Magazine Parenting Pick, and Common Sense Media recently recognized the Imagination Movers among the Best TV of 2008, citing the quartets addictive sense of humor and quest for fun.

These qualities are in full display on For Those About to Hop. With a quick wink at AC/DC in the title, the Movers keep their fans on their feet throughout the generous 22-song set. Show favorite Jungle Room is a swinging, horn-drenched musical safari, while tunes like Now Were Cooking, Paint the Day Away and Playing Catch are equal parts funk, hip-hop and sing-along rock, with infectious beats and typically catchy lyrics that celebrate learning, growing and fun. Fans of the show will recognize set pieces from the Movers brainstorming adventures in the Idea Warehouse, but these songs all stand on their own as bright, finely crafted kid pop tunes.

A special release of For Those About to Hop is currently available at Target stores nationwide and includes five bonus tracks. An exclusive iTunes version of the release offers another set of five bonus songs and is available this week. All versions include downloadable lyrics and a coloring sheet, along with an interactive game featuring the TV shows popular puppet character Warehouse Mouse."

The cd can be purchased at Target.com for $9.99.

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  1. One of my nephews LOVES this CD. When I baby sat him for a week long, we listened to it so much! The songs really have some good lyrics and lessons that can be learned from them.


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