Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kor One Hydration Vessel Review

I am really into reusable water bottles right now and love all of the new designs that are out. The coolest one that I have found so far has to be the Kor One Hydration Vessel. There are four different color options available and each color represents a non profit organization that is a part of Kor's Thirst for Giving program.
I received a blue one which represents ocean protection. The organization is The Agalita Marine Research Foundation. How neat! A pretty bottle that also helps great causes!
The Kor One Hydration Vessels also comes with a Kor stone - a disc shaped token that has a positive message on it. Every time you open it to take a drink you get positive vibes too!
To learn more about the Kor One Hydration Vessels or to purchase your own please visit here.

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  1. Video shows how designers created the hydration vessel.


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