Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Winners!

Smelly Washer winners are CJ'SMOMMY*KIMBERLY and Becky

The Snorg tee winner is Military76brat

The Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Activity Center is Judith and Marc

and finally the winner of the Natural Life Magazine subscription is Belinda M!

On another note, did anyone watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy? Any thoughts on the ending? I was in tears and felt like it was a total cliffhanger! But I was really happy with the surprises- it wasn't boring that's for sure! I also really like Owen and Christine together! The one thing I did as soon as it was over was hug Cody and tell him I love him. If you watched it you would know why.

I know I have been posting nothing but reviews and giveaways lately and want to get more personal with my blog- I think I have said that before but this time I mean it! I just seem to have such a list of product reviews that they are taking up all my time. I want to interact with my readers more and make new friends. I might have to wait on getting more personal until the weekend is over though- I'm doing yard sales this weekend and having a little Twilight partay!

Have a great weekend guys and peace out!


  1. Thank you Ashley. I forwarded my info and can't wait to get it in the mail.

  2. I'm going to reply with my info.

    I loveeeeeee Grey's.I think & hope Izzie lives.The sigh she made when looking at George in the elevator,dh said that meant she would make it and he wouldn't. I really didn't think I would miss George until just then.
    I cried when Christina and Owen got together,well when she said she couldn't breath without him,I cried.Lol I am such a sucker,my eyes are watering again.
    Do you watch Private Practice too? I said when Addison left to do that show there was no way it could compare to Grey's.I'll admit now,it comes pretty close.Took me awhile to get used to it,I hate changes.It's really good though.

    Oh I was supposed to have a yard sale this weekend too but it has rained the last month every weekend.DH took off to get our house ready for the remodeler to come redo floors and guess what,it's supposed to rain all weekend! grrr
    I'd rather go to garage sales but I NEED to have one.I decided not to advertise so maybe it won't rain and dh will take me to Nashville garage sales and I find some goodies like some nice curtains ,anything Pottery Barn ,stuff for my scrapbook room,anything I can turn into a chalk board.Ok sorry for the book.I need to make more friends too,lol.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

    I totally agree with you about the grey's anatomy episode. It was a total tear jerker, although, I am the type that gets emotional very easily!

  4. I was in tears watching the season finale. I really hope that they both make it! I just can't believe they would get rid of George. I love George! And I also like Christina and Owen together!

    We aren't sure when or where we will be sealed. My husband was sealed to his first wife and they are still sealed as of now. He is trying to do all of the paper work right now to send to the first presidency. So, when ever he writes his letter and sends it in, hopefully we will be able to be sealed then. It has been an ongoing struggle for the past 3 years. But, I know that we will eventually be sealed for all eternity!


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