Saturday, May 2, 2009

Make More Cents Zillonz Digital Counting Money Jar

I have slowly but surely been introducing the concept of money to the boys. So far they know that coins magically get them prizes and games at Walmart and that when their Grandma gives them a dollar they get to spend it at the dollar store.

So when I had found the site Make More Cents, I was thrilled. Here is the a quote from their site: Make More Cents provide the practical tools that encourage the importance of saving early and often. At Make More Cents, we believe that saving money is a process, and that every penny counts. Our goal is to encourage and develop money-savvy kids and money-wise adults. We do this by offering a variety of products, services and tips that Make More Cents for you!"

I love that they include both kids and adults. Right now the primary at our church is collecting coins for a charity called Pennies By The Inch. Every Sunday they encourage the children to bring coins in and put them in a jar. So perfectly I received the Zillionz Digital Counting Money Jar and knew I could use it to encourage the boys. It is a jar that you put your coins in and it counts them for you.

How convenient! Now the boys are able to see the numbers grow as well as get excited about saving. Make More Cents has several products that are affordable and are a great addition to any household. The Zillionz Counting Money Jar is only $9.95!

For more info and to see all of the other great products you can visit the site here.


  1. that is really neat! i know my kids would love something like that..

  2. What a fantastic idea! My daughter has just started doing chores, and so allowance isn't too far off.....great blog, by the way.

  3. This is a great tool for kids to learn the value of saving money and watch it grow in a savings account. Great resources!


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