Sunday, May 10, 2009

Joolwe Review

If you don't know me that well then you probably don't know what a cheapskate I am. I don't buy myself anything unless I REALLY need it, or if it's on clearance for no more than $5. Even then I have to really think about it. I just feel guilty when I think of how I could spend the money on something for the boys, or save it! So if you were to look at my jewelry box you would see that it is pretty bare. Now don't get me wrong, I have some really pretty jewelry, just not a lot and it's only because Cody will get mad that I don't buy it for myself so it seems like every other holiday he buys me some.

Now I will tell him to start going to Online Jewelry Store. They have a HUGE selection of jewelry to choose from at very affordable prices. The best part is that the jewelry (or joolwe) is high quality. That is one reason why I don't like to buy $.99 jewelry ( and believe me I have) because I am frequently throwing it away after a few months.

First of all Online Jewelry Store has a lowest price guarantee. Awesome. Then they have free shipping! Who does that any more? They also have a hassle free return. My favorite part is that they have so many styles to choose from. They even have a Jewelry Blog I recently got to try this 18K Gold Over Sterling Silver Hammered Oval Pendant from the Gold Plated Silver Necklaces and Pendants section.
Isn't it fab? I love the quality and texture. To check out the other jewelry that is offered head over to Online Jewelry Store for a great selection!


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