Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Facebook Frustrations

I am finally done with finals! Yeah! Now I have time to post about my new drama. I rarely post about any problems that come about just because I figure who wants to hear it, but this one just really annoyed me. If you have Facebook then you might know what I am talking about.

First off I love Facebook for several reasons. It's fast and easy for me to keep in touch with family and friends when I'm busy. Second I can see a more personal side of my blogging buddies. It's great! It's just some of the people that use it aren't so great. Please don't be offended because I'm probably not talking about you. Have you noticed how people can just say whatever the heck they want? It's like people get really brave since it isn't a face to face conversation.

One of my dear blogging friends- you know who you are- put a fabulous pic of herself on Facebook for her "friends" to see and she actually got mean messages about it. I'm not going to get into details but come on, aren't there better things to do in this world than saying hurtful and judgemental things to a friend? I think that we are hard enough on ourselves that we don't need someone else to criticize us. Right?

THEN, I received a message from a woman who shall remain nameless, who by the way, I don't even know, and told me what a cute couple my husband and I are. Seems nice right? Well then she tells me it's a good thing things didn't work out for my husband and her and to tell him she said "Hi". Excuse me? Did that really happen? Oh my land, maybe it's just me but that is soooooooooo tacky! By the way again, she also messaged my husband. Yeah.

Apparently my husband went on a couple of dates right before we started dating and he told her he wanted to stop seeing her because he wanted to date me. Score for me! I just can't believe that there can be so much drama from something that is supposed to be so fun.

So how about you- have you had any annoying comments from people on Facebook or your blog? I would love to hear about it. Go ahead and vent- it helps, I feel better all ready!


  1. Ashley :)
    Thank you so much girl.... i know you "got my back".. and you know what? i got your back, too! I can't believe she would Flirt with your husband... ugh! that is just plain ol rude!! and desperate. actually... even kind of sad.
    and yeah
    about the Girl who posted a picture... :).... she lost over 100 friends from her Facebook list. yeah. THAT IS SAD.
    she is very glad that YOU didn't stop being her friend :)


  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I think I already know all of my husband's "ex-s". One of them is even a close friend. LOL. Don't think any of them are on facebook although a few of my ex-s are. Although we've stayed friends so it's all good.

    As for harsh comments on facebook - I'd be getting rid of those friends quick smart. :(

  4. I have a hard time with facebook anyway. I like blogging so much better. Facebook has it's good and bad sides! You go girl and stand up for all of us! Good job!

  5. Yeah, facebook can be a little much, though I guess it's really some of the people using facebook! Social etiquette just goes out the door...

  6. I cannot believe that your husbands ex was flirting with him! That is just wrong! If a "friend" ever posted mean things about a picture I put up or anything, they would be deleted in a heartbeat!

  7. Okay, I gasped! Seriously. That is just crazy. I would totally delete her as a friend. Cause, really who cares :)

  8. Wow, that's crazy! My hubby doesn't have a Facebook (He thinks it stupid. lol), so hopefully no worries there... Although, one of his exes (who was his most serious, and who he hadn't talked to in years) did call him shortly after we had our first baby to "congratulate him". She told him to call her sometime so we could all hang out! Yeah, right.

  9. I was so reluctant to get a facebook just because there are certain people that I don't want any contact with. Luckily I haven't had anything like that yet, but I'm terrified that it will happen!!

  10. Hey love! So surprisingly, I have had not facebook drama... well with the exception of my "dad" flipping out on me because I told him it wasn't for job networking... oh that was drama. But umm yeah the most drama i deal with is seeing all my ex's getting engaged. the douches.

  11. I haven't had any drama but I am sick people swearing or saying offensive things. Also, I have certain family members that i'm friends with that comment on EVERYTHING! It's kinda annoying. It's ok to comment but this person even comments on people she doesn't even know, if they've commented on my status or what not & talks to them like they're old friends. sorry this is a vent. It just happen today as a matter of fact!!!

  12. I love facebook but I have to say it's the whole drama aspect of it that really turns me off :(

    I wish people would just grow up. I like to think that as a society we no longer need to make other people feel bad to make ourselves feel better... someday :)

    PS Your awesome! :-D


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