Thursday, May 21, 2009

Aravon Shoes Review

Here in North Dakota it is finally getting warm enough to wear sandals! So I am really happy that I am able to wear my Aravon shoes. Aravon is a shoe company from New Balance. Aravon shoes are not just pretty but are of great quality. The Piper style that I received have a lot of great features. They include a Stridarc heeled rocker sole, Abzorb cushioning in the forefront, Primalux comfort cushion topcover, soft-seam lining to avoid irritation, and most importantly Ionact antibacterial protection which helps keep feet healthy.

Now as much as I love me cheapo Target sandals, they can't compare to the Aravon shoes. The comfort level is amazing. When I walk with my shoes on I feel lifted up and supported. I really love how I can wear them with a pair of jeans or with a skirt.

Here is a little info from the site : Every Aravon outsole unit offers subtle support that adds a bit of spring to your step. It also supports all other technologies built into Aravon shoes.In Aravon shoes, the foot fits and sits properly on the outsole for best support throughout the dynamics of the gait cycle. In motion, Aravon technologies steady the foot, helping to keep it on the ideal neutral plane of the gait and to alleviate thousands of compensations the complex structure makes with each step.The arch is gently fortified as it flexes and every step is cushioned in the heeland forefoot. Over the course of a day, this finely tuned support adds up to feet that are less stressed and less tired.

The Aravon shoes I think are great for the office or if you are running errands all day. I recently wore them to a long trip to Walmart and a few other places and I definitely noticed my feet didn't hurt like they usually do.
To see all the other great styles and collections from Aravon shoes visit their site here.


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