Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jackson's Birthday

My sweet little Jackson is three years old today! I can hardly believe this little boy is growing up! He has changed so much in the last year. Jackson is a stinker, a love muffin, gentle and crabby. I love how he wants me all the time (even when it seems like I don't). He always is so affectionate. He is the most giving little boy I have ever known. Whenever his brother wants what he has he freely gives it to him because he has such big heart. The other day I took him to pick out the frosting for his birthday cupcakes and he put his arms around my neck and squeezed so tightly and said "I love you mommy."

He is such a bruiser! He never wants to wash his hands after pulling apart worms in the backyard. He is so passionate and lately when I put him in his room when he has thrown a fit he screams "I don't like you mommy!" I can't help but laugh! He is very honest and tells you how he sees it. Always asking questions. I can't imagine my life without my Jackson. He keeps me on my toes always trying to challenge my authority but I love every minute of it.

Jackson- I hope all of your dreams come true and that you have the confidence to be whatever and whoever you want to be. You have an amazing spirit and I'll love you forever and always.


  1. What a beautiful post! I have a little fellow who is now seven. My, how the time flies. It's like you blink and they are all grown up, or at least acting that way. At age six my little guy told me he was a man. LOL! I really enjoyed this post.

    Happy Birthday Jackson!

  2. I love 3 year olds. They are do dang fun. So happy birthday to that cute little boy.

  3. Happy birthday!! 3 is such a fun age.

  4. Happy belated birthday Jackson!!


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