Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Faryl CD Review

I am totally in love with the new Faryl Smith cd. "The Britain's Got Talent" star has just come out with her debut cd and it is beautiful. It is so hard to believe she is only 13. Faryl's voice reminds me of Charlotte Church, but her voice seems even stronger and more mature.

The cd is filled with wonderful classics like "Amazing Grace", "Ave Maria" and my favorite "Brahm's Lullaby". I played her music today as I was doing some spring cleaning and it left me feeling calm and refreshed. I know that I will be playing this for the boys before they fall asleep at night!

Faryl's cd was released in the UK in March and has done very well. It is already gold in the UK and has done better on the charts than U2, Taylor Swift, and Kelly Clarkson. It just came out yesterday in the US. You can buy Faryl Smith's cd on and visit her website to get the full story on her success at

Stay tuned because I will have one to giveaway in the future!
So you can see for yourself just how amazing she is watch this video:

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  1. Faryl is a 13 year old prodigy. I just got the CD and can't wait to hear more from her in the future!


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