Monday, May 11, 2009

bump Review

I keep telling my husband that the next time I get pregnant I have to have some really cute maternity clothes. I really like wearing maternity clothes that have sayings on them. I was so excited when I found bump which stands for "baby under manufacturing process".

Isn't that cute? bump was started by Renae Plant , here is how she came up with bump-"Renae was incredibly excited about her [bump], but like most moms-to-be, she was concerned that most people just thought she was letting herself go. She wanted to scream, "I'm not fat--[bump] on board!"Disappointed to find that nothing catered to the first four to five months of pregnancy before the [bump] finally "pops," Renae decided to create and wear her own maternity designs on her growing belly that reflected her sense of style and humor. That's when [bump] was born!Renae's [bump] designs quickly garnered such an amazing response from friends and strangers alike that she realized she was onto something good. Pregnant again within a year of her first child's birth, Renae refined and expanded her [bump] line and for the next several months, the world at large became her focus group.Currently, Renae juggles two young children, her husband and soul mate, her talent management company and [bump]. Oh, and she and her husband are expecting [bump]3!"

I recieved a bump tee in brown and LOVE it! bump apparel makes any pregnant momma show off her hottness and pregnancy glow! I can't wait until I can wear my bump shirt one of these days! What I love about bump is the quality of the shirt. The material is so soft and sturdy. There are several types of bump clothing including yoga pants and dresses! I really want this dress:

To see all of the great items that bump has to offer please visit Thanks to bump my readers can get a 10% discount on your order by entering code BBH10.


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