Monday, May 25, 2009

Share A Blog

I am starting something new on Mondays. I have so many followers that I would like to get to know better so I will be sharing a blog once a week that belongs to my followers. I am really excited to get to see what I find and hopefully you can get some linky love too!

So for my first Share a Blog I would like to introduce you to Katrina V! On her blog she shares great deals and giveaways. I learned that she is in school for nursing which is what I am working on so I already feel a connection! Katrina loves shopping and is a perfectionist so now I know I like this woman! Thank you Katrina for reading my blog, I can't wait to keep reading yours!


  1. That is a cool blog. Feel free to stop on by my blog any time you would like. I will be running two contests in June that are sure to be a hit! So stay tuned!!!

  2. wow!!! that is such a great idea!!!

  3. Well, I'll go on over and visit her --cool idea my dear.

  4. Thank you so much again! :) Looking forward to keep reading yours!


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