Sunday, June 21, 2009

Word World Review

The cute PBS show for kids, Word World has a new dvd coming out on July 14th called Word World: Castles in the Sea. Thanks to NCircle Entertainment the boys had a blast watching some great new episodes of Word World. There are four episodes full of learning which include Castles in the Sea, The Dancing Duck Bonanza, A Star is Born ( the boy's favorite) and Tick Tock Space Clock. The dvd also includes great extras including fun songs.
The boys love Word World and I love that they are learning their letters and trying to spell. We have watched this dvd so many times already and is perfect to get ready for summer. You can pre order Word World: Castles in the Sea at NCircle Entertainment.


  1. My kids love Word World! I'm pretty sure they've already aired the Castles in the Sea episode on PBS, and it's a good one. We're ready for lots of new ones... Can't get enough!


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