Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not Me Monday

Yeah, I know it's not Monday but I went the whole day thinking it was- yeah I don't know how that is possible! I even did Family Home Evening! So I thought I would post Not Me Monday since it is the rare occasion that I have anything to write about.
  • I did NOT catch the boys cold today.
  • The house that we were supposed to get did NOT fall through the day before we were supposed to move.
  • I did NOT pack up our whole house.
  • I did NOT get depressed about the move and sit around all day feeling sorry for myself.
  • I did NOT find a new old house to rent today!
  • I did not let my boys take a late nap so that they did NOT fall asleep until 10:45 tonight.
  • June 4th is NOT my 5 year wedding anniversary! Holla!
  • I did NOT get a ton more really cool stuff to review and giveaway in the mail today.

So what have you NOT done lately?


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