Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Great Evening

I just had a great night! It's the simple things nowadays that float my boat. Cody, the boys and I all went to Runnings, our local hardware and home improvement store. It used to be a True Value. Well we went to look at paint colors for the house to get an idea of what we like. We asked a woman that works there to help us and boy did she! First of all, I really wanted to get the eco friendly paint so that it would be safer for the boys. It's $40 a can! I was really bummed and she could see that and gave it to us for almost the same price as the regular paint. How stinking sweet!

Then Cody was asking her what she thought about a paint sprayer we had bought forever ago when the store was still a True Value. It has never worked for us but we never returned it because we couldn't find the receipt. Well that fabulous woman told us to bring it in and she would give us store credit. We went right home and came back and got our store credit! We got a bunch of little odds and ends that we needed and my favorite purchase is a canner that I got along with canning supplies. I have been wanting to do it for so long and now I can kick my food storage in gear! The boys got some candy and we got a night out of shopping. Gotta love it!
Have you been doing anything fun lately?


  1. Serious now, THAT is customer service! How awesome!!! Btw, I just LOVE your blog look! I think I already told you that, but every time I come and visit, I love it even more!

  2. YES! That is FABULOUS Customer service!!!!!!!! and good luck with your canner!! i still dont know how to can! lol i neeeeed to lean how to though! sounds like ONE HaPPy and lUCKY day at the store!!!!!


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